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– lisawanderlust gewinnt die BigFM Newcomer Challenge im August! 🥳🥳🥳


about me

Lisawanderlust is an EDM Singer-Songwriter based in Berlin, Germany. When she is not in the studio to create new tunes, she loves to travel around the world. Due to exploring the globe her feeling for international toplines has formed her unique sound. Already in her first year of publishing music she has reached over 1.000.000 Streams worldwide and signed with Soave, Time Records and Vibingdeep.

Her versatile and emotionally driven vocal is suitable for a big spectrum of EDM and pop music. She puts her heart and soul into each vocal take to emphasize her airy and breathy sound.

Up to 5 favorite genre of music:

  • deep house
  • slap house
  • selected house
  • dance pop
  • tech house




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